kids-porchYou may be wondering, “Who is this giving me advice on how to train my child?” …Good question, and a good place to start if you are considering or are currently home schooling your child- Who to listen to ? Who can you trust these days as a resource to help in this tremendous task you are under-taking. For me the Lord and His word was my first and most important resource.

I personally home schooled all four of our children from preschool age through to graduating high-school. They have all gone on to have successful college careers in notable,even Ivy-league institutions. More importantly, to me however, they all are each walking with the Lord and have passionate Christian life styles, which has been a fulfillment of the promise in Proverbs,  “train up a child the way they should go, and when they are older, they will not depart from it. ” Proverbs 22:6

I will say that paramount to my commitment each year to continue our children’s education from home was the same principle I live by for every aspect of my life- The Lord told me to. This is not a small thing to me. I did literally ask, seek, pray every year to find the same answer- yes, for us this was the best way to train my children. I base my leading on listening prayer and also what I found the Lord say to me through Scriptures. I know what He says in the Scripture to know that ultimately our lives, and our children, are not our own. They were purchased with the precious blood of Jesus and He is our Lord. As parents we know we are stewards of our children-they are His.

Bottom line, whether we home school our children or not, I considered that the Lord gave me a huge responsibility and calling with these kids- WE AS PARENTS WOULD BE HELD ACCOUNTABLE FOR THEIR TRAINING–  Period-regardless of where they went to school, we would some day stand before God and pay an account for how they were raised. This was always quite sobering to me, and was the main motivation for my doing a through job of it by taking each and every day to invest in them.

I am a discipler by nature- It is a spiritual gift of mine, as I am a teacher and I was trained in it at an early age in my Christian walk. When I had our first daughter, Emily, I was in full-time campus ministry where it was my job to disciple young leaders on prestigious campuses in the Boston area. I had grown spiritually in college through this ministry and knew God called me to do it when graduating.

I was quite enjoying this ministry when I unexpectedly became pregnant. I had an attitude about “giving up ministry to simply be a mom ” when God got my attention with a subtle, but very clear rebuke .I remember quite distinctly(and was motivated countless times through the years with His words to me then- ) I want to share this with you as there is nothing more important to also motivate you to give up most of your time, energy , and possible income for-

There is no greater job I can call you to,” He said. ” You will have the opportunity to influence future generations of your own family in a significant way. This will be your spiritual legacy. You will never have as much impact on anyone in any other ministry as the ministry of parenthood”… “Ministry of parenthood?” I had never heard of parenting as a calling in this way before the Lord presented it…I knew I was called by my Father that day to throw my whole life into disciplining my children, regardless of the personal sacrifice.

My first piece of advise to you ,which I consider critical, and even vital too your success as a home school teacher, is this- Take a devoted amount of time to pray and seriously ask the Lord what His will for you is in this area-  Just ask Him, “Lord are you calling me to the ministry of training my children at home?”

I will post some references which reveal that it is His will that we spiritually train our children, regardless of where they get their academic training- For me it was no question, that as their spiritual formation was of far greater significance , than their academic training, that I must have the best hours of their days to teach them! I didn’t want the leftovers after they were gone for 40+ hours per week. I knew I had to focus on the priority , and that the rest would come-

“Seek first His Kingdom and righteousness , and everything else would be added to you.” Matthew 5:33- I knew that the daily character building, based on learning the word and really applying it to their formation, was THE MOST IMPORTANT THING I WAS CALLED TO DO!! I believe that none of us can know who we are , much less what to do in life, unless it is informed by God….It is so lacking in any educational system outside the home…Sorry, don’t get me started. In my years of discipling young people over the years, my observation is that most do not know their identity in Christ, or much of anything about who they are really, which can only be based on what God says about us. My kids know, because they were taught, over and over and over again.

Really the reason I am doing this blog comes back to this- I feel a continued calling from the Lord to have my part at “training up the (children) the way they should go”. This blog newsletter will be primarily filled with this, based on my personal training ideas, Scriptures, art projects , and countless ways to get the discipleship accomplished. My prayer, is that if you are feeling hesitant or fearful, unprepared for this task, I would like to help. Please let me be a resource.

I will also be pulling from other resources for advise, tips , and resource sharing. I hope to include interviews from educational experts as well.

Ultimately there is no one more qualified than YOU to train your child- that’s why God gave them TO YOU !

I am excited to get started with you. How I loved my years with my kids at home in school- they were the best of my life (my youngest is now a rising junior at Va Tech). I know you will too, with the Lord’s GRACE AND HELP-   For this I will pray for each one of you!!! May the Lord lead you to His will-for your children’s sake. It will be the way of great peace, joy and fulfillment.

P.S. I will also love input from you- tips, ideas, or even questions so that there is some interaction.

Thank you for allowing me to support you in this profound ministry of training your children!




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